DIY Fashion

DIY shoe stretching

I bought the most beautiful pair of buttery soft gold leather brogues but to my horror they did not stretch around the toes after I had tried to wear them in 😦

As I’m on a strict budget paying to have them professionally stretched wasn’t an option so instead I started researching how I could do it at home and I came across a great method that worked!!

Firstly fill 2 zip lock bags with enough water so that they fit tightly in your shoes or in the area that you need to stretch. I shoved the bags of water down near the toe and then placed newspaper in the rest of the shoe to ensure the bags of water would stay in place.

Now pop your shoes in the freezer for a few days. As the water freezes the ice expands and stretches the leather.

I pulled my shoes about after 3 days and they had stretched just enough to fit me properly around the toes!!



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