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DIY mid length shorts

Spring is upon us and as such I realised that I was in desperate need of some mid length shorts. This was apparent as I was packing up my winter clothes and sorting through the summer wardrobe I had in storage.

When packing my 20+ pairs of jeans it dawned on me that some of them I had worn only twice all winter. I then had a brain wave to convert them to jeans!!

You’ll need:
Tape measure


Measure from the bottom of your jeans up to where you would like your shorts to sit. I added an extra 5cm for good luck as I intended to give my jeans a cuff. Mark with chalk.


Cut along your marked edge.


If you like the worn looked pull a few threads from around the bottom to promote fraying. You could also take a razor to the pockets to give it a ripped look.

I chose to fold my cuffs up. I then pressed the edges and added a couple of stitches on both sides of the shorts.


Voila!! Repurposed shorts for summer 😀


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